By Saswati Das

A journey of four months, the minuscule moments leading up to so many life changing habits. From incorporating design thinking to changing habits at a molecular level, the journey has been exhilarating. Each day was a learning experience with a team of incredible women. A group of emerging women leaders from different disciplines coming together to fathom a healthcare solution that transcends boundaries. We live in a pandemic era where meetings are limited to online interactions and there are many other personal hurdles each one of us are facing. In the face of such adversaries coming together as a team and designing something good for mankind is a rebellious idea. Forbes Ignite fellowship provided us with this opportunity to think outside the box, inspired us to actually lose the box and spread our wings. Creating a solution to a burning healthcare problem in a resource limited setting is always a challenge. It was formidable to take this head on and come up with a proposition that solved the problem for many. A resolution that benefits across borders, helps a population that seeks the basics of healthcare and ultimately alleviates the problems of those who are in need of help and support.

Such was the motivation during the fellowship days. The global health challenges need women in the driver’s seat. A huge workforce of the healthcare community being women, it is pertinent that they usher in the change in the healthcare infrastructure. Ours was a human-centered design approach in which we as participants also evolved along with the design journey by contributing feedback and evaluating our experience. It has been a steep learning curve with some small plateaus. The Forbes Ignite Changemaker Journey gave us the confidence, networks, understanding of barriers, mentorship, and coach support to successfully and intelligently use our voice. As the globe stands on the edge of change, this is a pivotal moment for health care leaders to seize the opportunity to shape a better “new normal.” A major takeaway I had during the fellowship was the fact that success is not defined by a title, but by the ever expanding impact of multi-talented women in global health.

Creating products and services for healthcare is always a mammoth task. This was a space we were determined to conquer. “To define the limits of possible we had to imagine the impossible.”

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