By Saswati Das

A journey of four months, the minuscule moments leading up to so many life changing habits. From incorporating design thinking to changing habits at a molecular level, the journey has been exhilarating. Each day was a learning experience with a team of incredible women. A group of…

By Meghana Bhimarao

This painting, titled “House of the Rising Chi”, is how I envision the Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship experience. We start with the maze at the bottom of the image — there are marbles making their way through the maze, sometimes hitting dead ends or trick pathways. At…

By Adanna Chukwuma

“Look closely at the present you are constructing; it should look like the future you are dreaming.” — Alice Walker

Over 10 years ago, as a young physician, I joined the National Youth Service Corps and was assigned to work in Yobe, an underserved and conflict-affected state…

By Nazia Sadaf

Note: This is a part of a series written by participants of the Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship.

“My right knee is killing me. I can’t walk. Nothing helps and not one doctor has done anything for this sharp, excruciating, debilitating pain.” The semi-literate late septuagenarian villager looked…

By Gauri Angrish and Abhinav Singhal

The Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship Program is a four-month-long program that aims to bring intellectually curious changemakers together to use their diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences to create executable solutions to systemic problems. Together, we will create a real and lasting impact.

As you will see, this statement defining the…

By Allison Bolt

Creating tangible solutions for our world’s global misogyny problem

Logging on from around the world, a group of successful and powerful women join the zoom meeting. They have never met, except through a screen. Yet, they all have one thing in common-they are fighting back against misogyny.

Kayla Van der Byl

On the screen, they look at images of Kayla…

The industry’s top innovators discuss how to reshape the food service industry

By Allison Bolt

The group gathers around a figurative table, a Zoom call. Fumbling with earbuds and mute buttons in front of screens in New York, Seattle and Chicago. Introductions are in order. Lucas Sin, owner of Junzi Kitchen, is seated in front of a floor to ceiling bookcase with…

Darrian Douglas & Gregory Agid, Co-Founders of Second Line Arts Collective

By Allison Bolt

(Photo/Second Line Arts Collective)

Darrian Douglas and Gregory Agid founded the New Orleans based nonprofit organization Second Line Arts Collective as a passion project to help young musicians have the tools to become successful artists and entrepreneurs.

Second Line Arts Collective uses a variety of programming to teach youth, ages 15…

Forbes Ignite

Forbes Ignite is a coalition of intellectually curious changemakers redefining success together.

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